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Our mission is to develop & deliver world class healthcare services for our clients. We are also playing our role as a leader in healthcare industry by setting up and implementing standard of care guidelines for network hospitals and nursing homes.

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Emergency Medicine

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Multi-Specialty Hospitals

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Nursing Homes

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Private Clinics

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Care Providers

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Pioneering Digital Health Initiatives in India

We are currently invested in developing low cost solutions to address unmet needs in healthcare delivery in India. Recent advances in mobile technologies have enabled us to effectively address some of the common problems faced by doctors and patients alike in the clinic.

Digital Health comprises of all the latest mobile and server based applications that are being introduced everyday for enabling the care providers to improvise their existing systems for the benefit of all patients. We are taking this one step further by deploying such applications on the cloud for seamless integration across all platforms.

mHealth - Innovate in India

We sincerely believe in the "Innovate in India" vision for advancing healthcare in every aspect. The term "mHealth" is used to refer to such applications developed for mobile platform.

Imagine a scenario where the vital signs & relevant health metrics of a patient are captured by a mobile cloud enabled medical device in an ambulance en route to the hospital where the emergency room doctor & his team are prepared ahead of time to receive the patient and start treatment without delay - wouldn't that be wonderful and Life Saving !!!

The possibilities are limitless

  • Query-able Electronic Medical Records
  • Fast Track Emergency Procedures
  • On site healthcare delivery
  • Critical Care Monitoring
  • Clinical data sharing
  • Capture Operational Insights
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Optimize Healthcare Economics

What can we achieve with Digital Health